What Is The Carlyle Supremium?

Great question. The Carlyle Supremium is named in honor of the straight up ballers at The Carlyle Group. Haven't heard of them? This is what you need to know: they are LeBron-level killing it right now, and we want the world to know about their dope collab with Supreme. From oil production to defense contracting to acquiring a stake in the streetwear game, they are absolutely dunking on their competition. $212 billion in assets? Yes. Investments in over 200 companies? Yes. A CEO who has rapped exactly one time? You better fucking believe it. Carlyle has it all, and it’s about time they started taking some credit! So if you want to rep the people who are at the top when it comes to streetwear, oil, and defense contracting then rep the Carlyle Group. And hurry– it’s a limited drop. These products won’t last forever on our store. There are only 100 shirts available so act fast!

All of the merchandise on TheCarlyleSupremium.com is being sold at cost. Separately, Hasan Minhaj will be making a personal donation to the International Rescue Committee.